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Official press releases from The Honorable Order of American Co-Masonry, as well as news stories about the Order from sources around the world.

Rediscovery of Alpha Lodge's Charter
THE AMERICAS | March 1 2014 |

Many relics of North American Co-Freemasonry's early history remain doggedly lost until it is time to be found. This article is about one of those relics, the first English Charter of the first Co-Masonic Lodge in North America; how it seems to have been lost and its stationary journey to being found.


The Masonic Philosophical Society
THE AMERICAS | April 14 2013 |

The Masonic Philosophical Society is an institution which aims to provide an environment of exploration within in the framework of Masonic principles and to inspire individuals to self-awareness. Dynamic study centers foster a culture for discussion and questioning with each center going beyond traditional education by delving deeper into the mysteries of the individual and his or her universe.


Dedication the Grand Temple
LARKSPUR, COLORADO | 1 August 2009 |

Since the completion of the Headquarters Building in 1924 American Co-Masonry has been looking to expand its facilities due to growth and ritualistic needs. Breaking ground in 2007 the foundations of a new temple, The Grand Temple of American Co-Masonry were poured. After many years of diligent work by the membership, both in work and funding, the Grand Temple was completed and dedicated on 1st of August, 2009 by the Most Soveriegn Grand Commander, The Very Ills. Bro Magdalena I. Cumsille. Freemasons from around the world attended the special event in which the Temple was dedicated and consecrated to The Great Architect of the Universe. The new Temple marks the beginning of a new era in American Co-Masonry. May the temple be a beacon of light to all those seeking the upward path of service.


Eulogy of The Very Ills. Bro. Betty Bunner
LARKSPUR, COLORADO | 4 April 2008 |

We are assembled on this day to honor the departure of our Dear Brother, Betty Louise Bunner. She was summoned to the Grand Lodge Eternal to continue the Great Work. But, BB, let us try not to grieve, for her passing can be one of joy. As she was in life, so let her be in death; an emblem of faithful service and happiness. Let us allow her deeds to inspire each and everyone of us to become a better Freemason. By giving a helping hand and a smile, her only hope was to give us a bit of her love.


Is knowledge important to the Freemason?

"Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure. The way you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. You are overcome by the fact because you think you are."

- Bro. Norman Vincent Peale

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