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Eulogy of the The V. Ills. Bro. Betty Bunner 33o

We are assembled on this day to honor the departure of our Dear Brother, Betty Louise Bunner. She was summoned to the Grand Lodge Eternal to continue the Great Work.

But, BB, let us try not to grieve, for her passing can be one of joy. As she was in life, so let her be in death; an emblem of faithful service and happiness. Let us allow her deeds to inspire each and everyone of us to become a better Freemason. By giving a helping hand and a smile, her only hope was to give us a bit of her love.

She was initiated into Freemasonry in Amethyst Lodge on the 29th day of March, 5959 A...L... in the Orient of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she served in the Chair of King Solomon. She was a founding member of Peace Triangle where she served as the W.S.W. She was a founding member of Parsifal Sov..... Chapter and Luxor Areopagus, where she served as head of both of these Bodies. She also was a member of Ojai Valley Lodge and Acacia Lodge. On April 18, 5971, she was elevated to the North American Consistory. After a very long life of Masonic service, Bro... Bunner was elevated to the Thirty-third Degree on April 11, 5994. From 5999 to the day she left us to take her seat in the Eternal Grand Lodge she served as a member in the Grand Council of Administration.

When she first discovered Freemasonry, she embraced it with her whole heart. For the first time in her life, she saw a place where the true Temple of Humanity existed without regard for race, religion, gender or creed. At last, she had found her way to serve The Great Architect of the Universe with Wisdom, Strength and Beauty. And from the beginning of her Masonic career to her death, she served the Order with an undying steadfastness. Even when our Order was facing a long road of difficulties, Bro... Betty Bunner, along with Bros... Eugene Bunner, Annie Watson and Ruth Mathews traveled from Wichita, Kansas, to Larkspur, Colorado each and every month for countless years to keep our headquarters active and embodied. She vigilantly kept the flame of Freemasonry burning for all of us who would eventually come into the brotherhood: a brotherhood which today stands on the vanguard of Truth.

Yet for all her Masonic deeds, her finest moment came in the fall of 5993 When injustices from the Supreme Council of Le Droit Humain had mounted on the American Federation of Lodges and after exhausting every possible avenue of diplomacy, select members of the North American Consistory, including Bro... Betty Bunner, lead the charge of independence. She worked unceasingly to establish the freedom of self determination each of us celebrates today. She risked her standing as a Mason to establish the foundations of a New Order, based on true Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth and became a founding member of The Honorable Order of American Co-Masonry. Let us never forget her courage and heroic actions and let them forever burn in our hearts. The liberties we enjoy today as Freemasons were earned, in part, by the selfless service of our Bro... Betty Bunner. Quiet, serene, unconditional in her giving, yet resilient and steadfast, may her legacy of sacrifice never be forgotten.

We salute our dear Brother, and thank her for her dedication, devotion and service to the Order, and above all, for her loving nature, which will remain as her gift to each of us. It was truly an honor to know her. Her mortal body has left us, but her life continues on as a testimony of service to her family, to her friends, and especially to our Order.

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